Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Live Review: Job For A Cowboy - December 17th 2007

The Red Chord storm onto the stage to the sounds of their Boston brothers Dropkick Murphys Shippin' Out To Boston, home  own pride at its highest. From this moment, they do not relax or slow down for anyone or anything. Chastising and goading the crowd with such statements as "Colchester was better than you, and I'd never heard of the place". Not that this sort of goading was needed to get the crowd to step things up a gear. The riotous noise The Red Chord produce is enough to drive any room insane. Pummelling the audience with every song they play. The only thing that ruins their set is the thuggish "real hardcore" fans who decide that kids in skinny jeans who actually have hair don't have the right to be at the gigs.
Note to you: You're. Ruining. It. For. Everyone. Else!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Live Review: Hadouken - November 6th 2007

Shut Your Eyes And Burst Into Flames are appalling. During their short set there was nothing at all interesting or worthwhile. It's hard to understand how such an awful band can be on a substantial nationwide tour, while local acts doing the same sort of electro pop-rock (but better) are getting no where. They hardly hold the crowds interests and it's not really a shame when they leave the stage.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Live Review: Enter Shikari - October 28th 2007

You can tell a show is going to be a party when 90% of the audience has glow sticks and the bands on tour have a travelling DJ with them playing mainly trance, drum and bass and other assorted forms of dance music.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Live Review: Get Happy Tour 2007 pt.2 - October 23rd 2007

The Get Happy Tour has become an established tour in recent years. Last year's so successful that they decided to repeat it. Openers Army Of Freshmen have an amazing ability. Having seen them on more than one occasion, they are one of few bands who can start a show and set the whole room alight. This task proving more impressive baring in mind the civic hall is sold out tonight. Their upbeat synth pop-punk proves to be once again a huge hit as it was last year. Frontman Chris Jay bounces around the stage with the energy of a five year old who's eaten too many E numbers. Joined for a song by Jaret from Bowling For Soup for a song draws the biggest scream of the night, but overall, a very well rounded set.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Live Review: Random Conflict - October 10th 2007

Starting the show tonight and also playing their first gig, Silence At Sundown handle the first show jitters well and deliver a sterling performance. For a band of kids ranging between 13-15, these guys have a lot of time and a lot of potential at hand!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Live Review: Frank Turner - September 15th 2007

Dubbed the "UK Softcore tour", based upon the fact that all artists playing were at one point of their careers in hardcore punk bands, it's strange to see four artists come out one by one and play without a backing band

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Live Review: As I Lay Dying - September 7th 2007

It's a shame that Architects, the only British band on tonight's bill, get such a lukewarm reception. The fact that Brighton based metal act have such a huge underground following means that they should have at least triple the ten kids who actually know their songs.  Musically, these guys cannot be beaten, incredibly powerful and amazingly technical. Front man Sam has the presence of a man with the whole crowd at his mercy, jumping across the stage, standing aloft speaker sets and jumping into the crowd. Had it not been for the poor reception they receive they would be the band of the night. Keep an eye out when they play at the Birmingham Academy 2 in November with Bring Me The Horizon.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

MPM meets... From Autumn To Ashes - May 23rd 2007

From Autumn To Ashes released their fourth full-length album, Holding A Wolf By The Ears, in April. Frontman Francis Mark was nice enough to spend a few moments of his time on a little interview, and drawing us a pretty little picture.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

MPM meets... The Academy Is... - March 24th 2007

The Academy Is... are releasing the follow up to their 2005 debut, 'Almost Here', in a few days. After parting ways with former guitarist, Tom Conrad, they completed the line-up with Michael Guy Chislett. Now they're back in the UK for a headlining tour with The Audition and Young Love, and MPM just couldn't miss out on this chance to speak to the next big thing from Fueled By Ramen, the label that gave birth to the likes of Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Live Review: Get Happy Tour 2007 - February 17th 2007

The number of security guards outside the venue tonight is almost comical, and you can tell that their favourite part of their job is getting paid for being rude. Luckily, this being the 'Get Happy Tour', you just know that everything will be okay once you're inside.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

MPM meets... Gym Class Heroes - February 2nd 2007

Gym Class Heroes are undoubtedly different. Not only are they a rap band, but they're signed to the record label that raised Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. You've got to have some respect for guys who make hip hop with instruments. So we chat to Matt and Travis, who is drinking from a two litre bottle of Strongbow. Classy.