Sunday, 18 February 2007

Live Review: Get Happy Tour 2007 - February 17th 2007

The number of security guards outside the venue tonight is almost comical, and you can tell that their favourite part of their job is getting paid for being rude. Luckily, this being the 'Get Happy Tour', you just know that everything will be okay once you're inside.

And sure enough, it is. Army Of Freshmen burst onto the stage, every move they make oozes energy, and their grins as they play show that they're loving every minute of the show. It's almost surprising that, despite being the smallest band on the line-up, they've already got a well-established fan base. They may sound the same as most bands do at the moment, but that just helps getting the crowd jumping.

Everyone remembers Wheatus - "They're that band that sang Teenage Dirtbag with the girly vocalist, right?". So to start off their set, they play the chorus of that very song. The crowd go wild. They play a decent set, and vocalist / guitarist Brendan shows the sort of energy you'd expect from someone who has just recovered from pneumonia. The crowd seem to know not much more than the number one hit, but enjoy themselves even though the songs become slightly repetitive and boring.

Son Of Dork are known because of James Bourne, singer / songwriter / guitarist for pop princes, Busted. You'd almost guess that they'd be completely shunned this evening, but only a handful of the people in the crowd show any negativity towards these guys at all. Instead, the audience decide to stay positive and dance around like fools right from 'Eddies Song', the first that these British lads play tonight. Dave Williams is the band's main attraction tonight, literally exploding around the stage to make up for the fact that the rest of the band are lacking energy.

However, nothing could compare to the sheer brilliance of Bowling For Soup's performance. With an act full of nonsense - starting with jogging onstage in matching tracksuits to the Rocky theme, moving on to praising kids who crowd surf between songs with the ditty 'In Between Song Surfing', then interrupting Two Seater with "Bowling For Soup's musically enhanced photo opportunity", which consisted of about two minutes worth of BFS posing around with pints of beer for the adoring fans to take photographs - Bowling For Soup are sure to get you laughing. They were on a winner playing monster tracks like Almost, 1985, and newest hit, High School Never Ends, but the huge inflatable rock hands at the side of the stage during Punk Rock 101 were unbeatable.

Bowling For Soup were clearly the right band to be headlining this tour; they did nothing more than make everyone happy (aside from, of course, the large man in the 'I Beat Anorexia' t-shirt, who got more into the music than the majority of the teenagers). Getting happy has never been easier.

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