Sunday, 16 September 2007

Live Review: Frank Turner - September 15th 2007

Dubbed the "UK Softcore tour", based upon the fact that all artists playing were at one point of their careers in hardcore punk bands, it's strange to see four artists come out one by one and play without a backing band

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Live Review: As I Lay Dying - September 7th 2007

It's a shame that Architects, the only British band on tonight's bill, get such a lukewarm reception. The fact that Brighton based metal act have such a huge underground following means that they should have at least triple the ten kids who actually know their songs.  Musically, these guys cannot be beaten, incredibly powerful and amazingly technical. Front man Sam has the presence of a man with the whole crowd at his mercy, jumping across the stage, standing aloft speaker sets and jumping into the crowd. Had it not been for the poor reception they receive they would be the band of the night. Keep an eye out when they play at the Birmingham Academy 2 in November with Bring Me The Horizon.