Monday, 29 October 2007

Live Review: Enter Shikari - October 28th 2007

You can tell a show is going to be a party when 90% of the audience has glow sticks and the bands on tour have a travelling DJ with them playing mainly trance, drum and bass and other assorted forms of dance music.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Live Review: Get Happy Tour 2007 pt.2 - October 23rd 2007

The Get Happy Tour has become an established tour in recent years. Last year's so successful that they decided to repeat it. Openers Army Of Freshmen have an amazing ability. Having seen them on more than one occasion, they are one of few bands who can start a show and set the whole room alight. This task proving more impressive baring in mind the civic hall is sold out tonight. Their upbeat synth pop-punk proves to be once again a huge hit as it was last year. Frontman Chris Jay bounces around the stage with the energy of a five year old who's eaten too many E numbers. Joined for a song by Jaret from Bowling For Soup for a song draws the biggest scream of the night, but overall, a very well rounded set.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Live Review: Random Conflict - October 10th 2007

Starting the show tonight and also playing their first gig, Silence At Sundown handle the first show jitters well and deliver a sterling performance. For a band of kids ranging between 13-15, these guys have a lot of time and a lot of potential at hand!