Monday, 29 October 2007

Live Review: Enter Shikari - October 28th 2007

You can tell a show is going to be a party when 90% of the audience has glow sticks and the bands on tour have a travelling DJ with them playing mainly trance, drum and bass and other assorted forms of dance music.

Your Demise kick off tonight's show with a set that is incredibly powerful. Their "old school hardcore" being a great way to get the baying masses warmed up for the other bands tonight. With songs promoting a positive mental attitude and between song speeches about how anyone can accomplish their dreams, these 5 young men from St. Albans have a great idea of who they are and where they want to be. Watch out for them playing Telford very soon.

It's great to see Hundred Reasons back on the big stage. After a torrid few years involving losing members and being dropped by major record labels, it's brilliant to see them put in such a stellar performance. Playing songs from across all four of their albums they surge ahead without any sign of slowing down. Being almost completely different in style to the bands on prior to and after them, this could have gone horribly wrong, but they manage to not only play an amazing set but they also win over many new fans. Glad to have you back boys.

There's a reason Enter Shikari won this years Kerrang! Award for best live band. There's also a reason why they are unsigned and have sold out the Civic Hall two nights in a row. This is because they are possibly one the best live bands the UK has to offer. Mixing trance, drum and bass, hardcore and metal. They are incredibly innovative (although the battle still rages that Pitchshifter created this genre). Playing their full album along with B sides and songs from previous demos, they don't get one note wrong. The crowd can barely contain themselves whether they are dancing to trance or jumping to rock. All in all Shikari deserve the success they have got. Many people may say they've "sold out", but the fact of the matter is, they've got where they are from good, old fashioned hard work. And if there is another British band that can put on a better live show, I'll eat my hat.

by Jonny Almond 

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