Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Live Review: Get Happy Tour 2007 pt.2 - October 23rd 2007

The Get Happy Tour has become an established tour in recent years. Last year's so successful that they decided to repeat it. Openers Army Of Freshmen have an amazing ability. Having seen them on more than one occasion, they are one of few bands who can start a show and set the whole room alight. This task proving more impressive baring in mind the civic hall is sold out tonight. Their upbeat synth pop-punk proves to be once again a huge hit as it was last year. Frontman Chris Jay bounces around the stage with the energy of a five year old who's eaten too many E numbers. Joined for a song by Jaret from Bowling For Soup for a song draws the biggest scream of the night, but overall, a very well rounded set.

Zebrahead, in my opinion, are the let down of the evening. The songs sound the same and they don't have the energy that Army Of Freshmen do. The stage moves that they do manage to pull off seem forced. All in all, if you were to stay in the bar for this set, you wouldn't have missed anything that's going to be talked about after the show is over.

Bloodhound Gang are possibly the crudest band to break the mainstream in history. If you know the band well enough to own at least one album, you wouldn't be surprised to see the look on the faces of parents who brought their teenage children to the show tonight. However, baring in mind that the show is all about fun and laughing they fit in incredibly well. With a backdrop featuring humorous images goading the locals, and the hilarious stage banter of Jimmy Pop and Jared Hasselhoff they can't fail to please. Most of the set and songs aren't reviewable due to nature but its the most enjoyable set of the night for way of laughs. Ending with mega-hit The Bad Touch sees the first time the sold out Civic will be involved in a mass sing-along.

It's hard to see how headliners Bowling For Soup will top this. Having played pretty much most venues the Midlands has to offer over the past seven years, its great to see them playing a bigger venue than they have in the UK so far. Playing a set where most songs have everyone singing along they contend with the Bloodhound Gang song for song. Their in between song banter and the songs themselves aren't crude and explicit like that of the BHG which is refreshing to have the variety of the two acts. BFS have great stage presence, this has come due to the years of touring around the world. They also know how to have fun and entertain without being over the top.

So for another year the Get Happy Tour rolls out of town, and once again, it's fair to say it's been successful. Let's hope 2008's tour will be as funny, entertaining and an overall pleasure to watch as this years.

by Jonny Almond 

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