Thursday, 11 October 2007

Live Review: Random Conflict - October 10th 2007

Starting the show tonight and also playing their first gig, Silence At Sundown handle the first show jitters well and deliver a sterling performance. For a band of kids ranging between 13-15, these guys have a lot of time and a lot of potential at hand!

Telford's On The Seventh Day played their first show in the area tonight. They suffer from only having one vocalist after losing their second due to band differences. However, they take this opportunity to invite friends to help them and this goes down well. Their metalcore sound isn't anything ground-breakingly new, but for a group starting up, they've laid themselves some great foundations. As long as they can sort out a final line up.

Tonight was the end of an era for Shrewsbury metal crew Vivian Blake. Having survived various singer and guitarist departures, tonight is their final show with drummer Gary. Due to this, the band take the opportunity to have a great time and the crowd loves it. Front person Gracie shows more energy than normal and the crowd loved it. So as we all wished Gary good luck, lets see where they go from here. And with performances like that, the answer is far.

Pilot The Skies are the local legends of the evening. Famed for their energetic live show, mix of electronica with metal and soaring melodic vocals. They don't hesitate to kick start their set straight away. From the moment they start until the last notes of On A Seventh Wave ring out, they are completely captivating. Frontman Dan's scream, guitarist Mike's amazingly powerful vocal range, and the overall energy from the rest of the members leave the crowd wanting more, and just about ready for tonight's headliners.

Random Conflict are well known in these parts for various reasons. One of the best hardcore bands to come out of Birmingham for a long time. They make their second appearance in Telford despite drummer Glenn's severe flu. Starting with new song California Baby - Get With The Programme they pummel the crowd into submission. It's the first time tonight that not a single person is stood still. They play a set consisting of their entire first EP plus various songs from their past. The fact that frontmen Luke and Lee can just hold their microphone into the seething throng and at least three people will take it off them and sing every word, is a testament to the work they have put in on the local Midlands live circuit. Bodies fly, people dance and every single person has a great time. How these guys haven't been signed already is a mystery to all of us.

by Jonny Almond 

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