Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Live Review: Hadouken - November 6th 2007

Shut Your Eyes And Burst Into Flames are appalling. During their short set there was nothing at all interesting or worthwhile. It's hard to understand how such an awful band can be on a substantial nationwide tour, while local acts doing the same sort of electro pop-rock (but better) are getting no where. They hardly hold the crowds interests and it's not really a shame when they leave the stage.

The Ghost Frequency fair a lot better. Definitely better than those before them. And to be honest, they are as good as the night got. But if this was a school report they would still get a could do better. They looked under practiced. There is something promising about these boys, but tonight it just didn't work out for them. They seemed nervous and stand offish. The fact that the crowd latch on to the fact that the frontman and guitarist look like Elvis and his twin brother and start a chant of "Elvis" shows that they were more mocked than enjoyed. On a good night, I think they could be onto a good thing.

Hadouken are boring. Plain and simple. On record the songs sound the same. Descending notes on a keyboard and poor quality rapping don't fill you with much hope. They start well but they blow their only single, Liquid Lives, as their second song. They haven't released anything else and all other play they've been given is via MySpace. This is where the band should stay. After a few of the songs that can be heard on the internet, they play new songs. These are dull, lifeless and monotonous. The band aren't helped by bad sound levels, but sound levels don't give you musical talent. From about the 5th song until the penultimate you can look around the crowd and see people chatting, yawning or just looking around the room in boredom. However, last song That Boy, That Girl is their biggest song and it's one the crowd is here for (not that you could tell they were playing it from where I was stood). All in all a poor night involving a hyped band not living up to it and being shown up by their support band. Thanks... But no thanks.

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