Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Live Review: Job For A Cowboy - December 17th 2007

The Red Chord storm onto the stage to the sounds of their Boston brothers Dropkick Murphys Shippin' Out To Boston, home  own pride at its highest. From this moment, they do not relax or slow down for anyone or anything. Chastising and goading the crowd with such statements as "Colchester was better than you, and I'd never heard of the place". Not that this sort of goading was needed to get the crowd to step things up a gear. The riotous noise The Red Chord produce is enough to drive any room insane. Pummelling the audience with every song they play. The only thing that ruins their set is the thuggish "real hardcore" fans who decide that kids in skinny jeans who actually have hair don't have the right to be at the gigs.
Note to you: You're. Ruining. It. For. Everyone. Else!