Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Live Review: Municipal Waste - December 9th 2008

Walking into JB’s tonight to hear what can only be described as the unnerving music of Iron Lung is a disturbing sound. But what makes walking into the venue truly disheartening is the really poor turn out tonight. With perhaps 10 people stood at the back of the floor during their set and 20 people stood around the bar. Iron Lung seem don’t seem to take this to heart and see the funny side of it, telling people to clear the floor and that they are standing too close. Musically, very dark and brooding before breaking into thrashier punk moments, the American two piece are a diamond in the rough of unknown bands, and although the audience didn’t show great love for them, some were rather impressed.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Live Review: Never Say Die Tour - November 11th 2008

Due to traffic issues Carnifex were missed tonight. Whitechapel make a low key entry to the stage and destroy it from the out. For a band so early on the bill they are very much loved by the crowd and they sound absolutely amazing on a stage the size of the Academy 2. Totally destructive, totally amazing.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Live Review: Hell On Earth Tour - September 30th 2008

The surprisingly early door time for tonight means that Stick To Your Guns are greeted with a handful of die hards and those of us who were lucky enough to find out that the doors were early. This is unfortunate as they play what could possibly be the best set of the night. Faultless, fast and bone breaking. It’s a shame more people weren’t around to see their hardcore anthems on such form as this.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

MPM meets... The Academy Is... - September 20th 2008

The Academy Is... have shone through the past few years, and after dazzling us with the incredible 'Santi', they're back with a more uplifting feel on the new record, 'Fast Times At Barrington High'. What with the new record, the new haircuts and the next UK tour, MPM had a nice little chat with Mr Adam T. Siska to find out what's been going down.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

MPM meets... 36 Crazyfists - June 11th 2008

36 Crazyfists have completed a shining UK tour and amazed crowds at Download and Graspop in the space of a month. It's no surprise that after forming the band a good 14 years ago, they've got a beastly fan base. With vocalist Brock Lindow now in his thirties, it's almost shocking that they've still got that charm and the talent that makes them so different to other metal bands. Of course, when there's a special band in town, you can count on MPM to delve into their lives. 

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Live Review: All Time Low - May 17th 2008

One quick glance over the ever growing queue of fans outside, and it’s obvious that tonight, is to be the start of something special, very special. There’s a bustle on Dale End unlike any other, and as the city’s pop-punk lovers descend on the venue, dressed in their finest summer clothes despite the chilly May weather, and threat of a downpour at any second, it’s clear to see that these kids came for a party, and judging by the buzz that fills the entire street as the doors finally squeak open, later than planned, the party is more than coming for them.

MPM meets... All Time Low - May 17th 2008

All Time Low, hailing from Maryland, are a whole lotta fun. With their stage backdrop dripping with dirty words and their on-stage banter full of penis jokes, there's no telling what they're really like underneath those famous white underpants. So, being the little rascals we are, we stole a few minutes backstage with frontman Alex Gaskarth to see what really goes on. Alex apologises for his short answers - drawing his mood distracted him a teeny bit.