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MPM meets... 36 Crazyfists - June 11th 2008

36 Crazyfists have completed a shining UK tour and amazed crowds at Download and Graspop in the space of a month. It's no surprise that after forming the band a good 14 years ago, they've got a beastly fan base. With vocalist Brock Lindow now in his thirties, it's almost shocking that they've still got that charm and the talent that makes them so different to other metal bands. Of course, when there's a special band in town, you can count on MPM to delve into their lives. 

What's the greatest memory you've had since the band formed?
Brock: Greatest memory? Probably 2002 when we came over here for the first time. Y'know, that was pretty crazy because our new record had just come out, and we'd barely been outside of Alaska at that point, so coming way over here was amazing. So awesome. We were pretty young then, and it was cool. It was definitely the coolest experience we've had, when you never think you're never gonna get outta your garage in the first place, then all of a sudden you're on a plane, going to another country, a whole other world, y'know. It's pretty awesome.
Do you find it easy to write songs or does that depend on personal events at the time?
Brock: I guess in the past, my experience of writing songs has been in pretty much song-writing mode, so I kind of embrace that part of it. But no, it doesn't come, like, flowing every day, that's for sure. But I've been writing almost every day, as far as, like, journals, that's kind of the same way I write songs. Y'know, I don't really have like, melodies, formats or music or anything like that, so I'm pretty lucky to not have too much writer's block, I get inspired by a lot of things in life.
What's your favourite song off 'The Tide And Its Takers'?
Brock: Probably a song called Northern November because it's a...uhh...epic love song (laughs). No, it's probably a song we'll never play live, 'cause it's kinda like one of those inside things that only you and special people know about, I guess. That song's about my wife, and [there are] a number of references throughout the record about my life and her, but that song is specifically're gonna think this is so funny. We have like a weekly thing when I'm home called 'date night'. Yeah, we don't do anything but just like, hang out, be ridiculous and drink wine. That song is kind of about one particular 'date night'. That's a lotta information there, it's not very metal, I must say.
How do you think fans will react to the new stuff?
Brock: I think they will be excellent, they've never been anything but awesome. Every time we come here, we have a real awesome connection with the people that are interested in our band. So it's always mind-blowing to see that we have this much support so far from home. So far we've played two shows in the UK, one of them in Wales. Is that technically the UK? Yeah, it's been awesome so far and all the feedback online has been excellent. This record has been probably the most excited I've been about a record in a long time for us, just because of the feedback we've been getting. So, the feeling I have is awesome, and I haven't ever felt like this before, which I'm glad, because I'm older and y'know, sometimes excitement kinda goes away after you've been doing this a lot. But I feel like, fresh and renewed now which is something I really needed because I was ready to really be done with touring. And I wasn't really sure about the band or the future as far as how long we were gonna keep doing this, when we've been in the band for 15 years, so it's been our whole lives. Our adult lives. And there's nothing else to do in life because you don't really get to experience things when you're doing this every day. The way that I make money is just doing this every day, but I don't make tons of money so I have to stay on and work, and that's draining on other things. But anyway, I feel really good about it, I think they'll be excellent, to answer your question.
What do you dislike the most about the music industry?
Brock: I think people not being honest. Basically, I think there's a lot of people that take advantage of younger, inexperienced minds. As you get older, you realise that the people that do the most work get the least amount of money. I don't know any other job that is like that. You can't think of any place that if you work extra hard, you'll get less. Y'know what I'm saying? It looks as if it's a dream to be able to do this for a living. It's not what I thought it was when I was a kid, thinking about what I wanted to do. I thought, 'Shit, you buy a mansion, have three cars and eight wives', but that's not the truth, so yeah. I don't like dishonesty.
What's your opinion on downloading music?
Brock: My opinion is that if you can't afford it, y'know...I think music is a huge part of our lives, it definitely was of mine, and I need it. So I think as a last resort, if you need it, and you can't afford to pay for it, then I guess there's your outlet for it. But I think it's a shame, y'know, I don't go to other people's jobs and steal their money. So that's a shame that you can't police it, it's always gonna be there unless they figure out some awesome way to stop it. I've never done it because I'm not really savvy, but I've definitely been given burnt CDs from friends who've got bands. It's cool when I was a kid, there was the same thing with tapes. You got a Metallica tape and everybody wanted to copy it, so you gave it to them...and then CDs came out and everybody was buying them. Y'know, it wasn't like now. I've spent so much money on music throughout my life, but I never thought about stealing it. But it is what it is, y'know, I'm 33 years old and I'm not understanding some of the younger people's opinions. But downloading is what it is, you can't stop it, and I don't spend time worrying about it.
What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen or done on tour?
Brock: We were touring with Bullet For My Valentine, a few years ago and sharing a bus together, and we'd get so wasted every night. And one night we all decided to like, get into our boxers only. This is all men, too, this is quite gay. So, we're all in our boxers, and we all drew either, if you had a beard, you got drawn on somewhere else, but most of us didn't. We drew these glorious moustaches, and like, I had all these fake jail tattoos. And we woke up in the morning...I mean, some of the guys, like, I put on Jay [Jason James] from Bullet [For My Valentine] like, a full beard, and he just let me, and I had it thick. It was like, blacked out. It was so hilarious. We took a bunch of pictures of it, and the next like, week on tour, everybody still had it on their face. It wouldn't come off. Had all of us scrubbing. I had three x's over here and three o's just there (pointing to his neck).
If you could plan the ultimate tour, who would play it?
Brock: How many bands? I could go on forever. I'll go with Killswitch [Engage], Deftones and Bullet For My Valentine.
What's your favourite thing about playing festivals like Download and Graspop?
Brock: Just being invited to these things is pretty amazing. Y'know, this is the third time we've done Download. If you think about the big picture of it, there's so many bands that could be asked. To get asked back three times is pretty crazy. So, our favourite thing about it is just being able to play in front of that many people, you don't really get that opportunity very much in your life. But the bad side of it is,  here's so many people, it's hard to really connect with it. Like, the stage is here and the people are way over there, you're just like "...hi?". So I like the smaller shows way better. But the festivals are cool for the reason that you're young, your name's out there, people are aware, thousands of people are getting the chance to see your band so you hope to not suck too bad. Nah, it's cool.
If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Brock: Gotta say Metallica - 'Master of Puppets'. Because it's my favourite Metallica record, they're my favourite band of all time. That record is one of those records that every time I hear it, it brings me back to high school and stuff like that. You know how music sometimes brings you back to the coolest time of your life? I'd probably have to have that one. It's my all-time favourite record.
What's the best movie you've seen recently?
Brock: I saw The Strangers. That's probably not out over here yet. It's startling. It's not like, gory, really, or anything like that, but they don't say very much throughout the entire movie. So it's all these like, faces, and I'm just like "Fuck!". And I love scary movies, I haven't really been that scared in a long time, but this movie's creepy. You gotta see it when it gets out. Have you seen Employee Of The Month? Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. We watched that today on the bus, it was funny, hilarious.
What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
Brock: I just had it, this morning. There's this lady that my family have been friends with my whole life, I've always had the hots for her. Good looking older woman. I'm at a party, a birthday party or something, and next thing I know, she's like touching me, and then I start touching her, and then she's leaving, and I was like "Okay, I'll see you later", and then she's like "Where you going?", and I'm like "Well, I'm going back to the party", and she's like "Don't you wanna get laid?", and I was like "Holy shit". And then the next thing I know, I'm driving my high school truck, drunk, I'm scared I'm gonna get pulled over, so I pull over, I'm on this like, cliff, and I don't put the car in park, so it rolls right off the gets weirder, my truck goes all the way down this mountain, and I'm like "Holy fuck". And I'm walking back to my house but there's all these cops out there, and they're talking, and there's a dead girl down there, by my truck, and they're looking for me because they've seen my registration and stuff. And I'm like, running around town trying to avoid the cops. And then I wake up. And it was the most bizarre fucking real...I was tripping. But I remember going "I can't cheat on my wife", that's how real the dream was. It was really fucking weird. It was bizarre. I don't remember my dreams very often, so that's why I'm telling everybody about that.
If you were trapped on a desert island and could only have four people and four items with you, who and what would they be?
Brock: Jeez. Obviously my wife. My two dogs. That's three. Only four? I'm gonna have to say...I'll just take my mom with me. Mom's coming. Four items? Probably TV. DVD player, because you can play CDs on that. Satellite dish so we can get all the channels. And an endless supply of Heineken. We're gonna have to fight for food on our own.
Who are your heroes?
Brock: My mom and dad, definitely are people that supported me all the way, growing up. They've done a lot of cool stuff in their lives as well. So definitely those two. Lance Armstrong, definitely a hero. I've loved James Hetfield my whole life, he's one of my idols. So we'll go with James. And my wife, she's awesome.
Which one question do you wish someone would ask you, and how would you answer it?
Brock: I wish they would ask me if I'm a pirate, and I would say "Fuck yeah".

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