Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Live Review: Never Say Die Tour - November 11th 2008

Due to traffic issues Carnifex were missed tonight. Whitechapel make a low key entry to the stage and destroy it from the out. For a band so early on the bill they are very much loved by the crowd and they sound absolutely amazing on a stage the size of the Academy 2. Totally destructive, totally amazing.

Protest The Hero were quite a change in direction from what they follow, but they sound great doing it. The guitar work is so technical but made to look as though it was just another power chord! They showed that they deserve to be on bills with the more deathly bands in the world and they pulled out a truly polished set.

Architects set was cut short which is a damn shame. Playing material from forthcoming album 'Hollow Crown' and a handful of songs from their second album 'Ruin' they sound on top form. The fact that they are pulled off stage before they get to play songs like Buried At Sea and To The Death really lets down what could be the crowning set of the night.

Despised Icon sounded like they were going through the motions tonight. This is a shame as they are such a powerful band. Despite this however, they are loved by the crowd, which is a testament to their studio work in the past and how great they can be on a good day.

Unearth are simply boring. Nothing about them lights up the stage or shows anything special compared to bands like Whitechapel and Architects who destroyed the stage before them. A let down to what could have been a flawless night, by a band who could have done so much better,

Parkway Drive were on fire! There isn’t a single body stood still with people crowd surfing from the back of the room (easily about 150ft) which is no mean feat! They have toured the UK ruthlessly this year and the fact that they can play venues of this size and have every person singing and screaming along shows how hard they have worked and how far they have come! They haven’t always had it easy in the UK, but tonight they make it look effortless.

by Jonny Almond 

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