Sunday, 13 December 2009

Live Review: Set Your Goals - December 12th 2009

Tonight starts with technical difficulties that almost end the night. When Fireworks kick into their first song, a fuse goes in one of the guitar heads. No one on the tour has thought to bring a spare head or a spare fuse for that matter! Once the problem is solved, by taking a fuse from the bass head and running the bass directly through the PA, tonight can continue. Fireworks shouldn’t be opening. Their response from the crowd is amazing and they seem to be better known than Broadway Calls. Playing songs from their EP and recent album release, they go down a storm with the fans.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Live Review: Blessthefall - December 2nd 2009

Blessthefall are dead. That was the opinion of most when lead singer Craig Mabbitt left the band in 2007, during their first ever appearances in the UK. There are high expectations in the air for a band who were shot down just as they were first starting up. With a brand new start, a new lead singer and their new album 'Witness' which has launched them into the conscious mind of many new fans, its safe to say that tonight – this band have something to prove.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Live Review: Taste of Chaos 2009 - December 1st 2009

Maylene & the Sons of Disaster kick off the annual Taste of Chaos tour in fine fashion. Their southern rock influenced metal is the perfect way to kick start any night and tonight they really get the party started. Stand in front man Schuylar Croom (of He Is Legend) is the perfect fill in for regular vocalist Dallas Taylor. Slinking around the stage and dancing when not in front of the microphone, he gives the songs an extra retro feel, and you can imagine being in a small bar in the South of the States watching the band play their songs while a bar brawl breaks out! They play songs from all three of their albums, a smart move as a lot of the crowd seeing them tonight will have not had the privilege before. Based on tonight’s show, it won’t be long before Maylene are back in the UK playing to packed out venues like this.

MPM meets... Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - December 1st 2009

Maylene and The Sons of Disaster were formed in 2004, fronted by ex-Underoath front man Dallas Taylor. After signing to Ferret Records in early 2006 and releasing their first full-length album a year later, it's been a fantastic slide into popularity, touring with bands such as Haste The Day, From Autumn To Ashes and even Underoath. So on the Birmingham leg of 2009's Taste of Chaos tour, also featuring metal giants In Flames and Killswitch Engage, Jonny caught up with guitarist Kelly Scott Nunn to find out what's been going on. 

Monday, 16 November 2009

Live Review: Emmure - November 15th 2009

The Eyes of a Traitor are boring. For one of the supposed gems in the British crown, they aren’t even close to being a diamond in the rough based on tonight’s showing. Standing totally still playing songs that they have been playing for at least a year, with no signs of new material. The banter between songs is forced and they shouldn’t really be surprised when the crowd doesn’t react to any part of their set apart from the shout outs to the bands that play after them.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Live Review: Never Say Die Tour - October 31st 2009

The second annual Never Say Die Tour kicks off with newcomers to the UK, The Ghost Inside. Even though this incredibly early opening slot is their first time in the UK they are presented with a rapturous audience, waiting with bated breath to see what The Ghost Inside have to offer. Playing songs taken from their current album and new songs which will feature on an album due out in the New Year, they tear the Academy apart. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Live Review: Enter Shikari - October 13th 2009

The Devil Wears Prada bounce onto the stage tonight. A youthful band full of energy making only their second appearance on UK soil. Judging by the number of fans sporting tee shirts, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this is only their second time, or the fact that they were even a support band! Mainly playing material from their latest release, 'With Roots and Branches Below', their huge breakdowns and soaring vocal melodies give the fans just what they want. Front man Mike bounding around the stage like a Tasmanian devil not standing still for a moment. Older songs such as Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over still get fan approval even though played at the beginning of the set, which seems odd as it is one of their best none songs. The crowd knows the songs, old and new, and with a reception like this, Enter Shikari have a lot to live up to!

MPM meets... The Devil Wears Prada - October 13th 2009

The Devil Wears Prada are a metalcore sextet from Ohio, formed in 2005. They're popular amongst boys and girls alike, and graced the line up of this year's Download Festival in Donnington. When we found out they were going to be touring with Enter Shikari this autumn, we couldn't help but catch up with vocalist Mike Hranica and find out the latest from TDWP HQ.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

MPM meets... All Time Low - October 2nd 2009

Here at Moshpit Magazine, we really can't get enough of All Time Low. The band has recently released their brand new album, 'Nothing Personal', and are touring the UK with The Audition and The Friday Night Boys. Since we thought Alex Gaskarth was such a charmer when we interviewed him in May 2008, we figured he's probably got so many more exciting things to say this Autumn. We caught up with him in the new O2 Academy in Birmingham, before he faced a crowd of around 3000 people, to see how he's feeling.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Live Review: Misery Signals - September 24th 2009

The Number 12 Looks like You start the show with a completely instrumental set. This is due to their front man being diagnosed with Swine Flu and being fast asleep backstage. Their technical musicianship sounds great if not a little empty without vocals. The crowd supports them and shows their appreciation for continuing the show a member down.

MPM meets... Misery Signals - September 24th 2009

Misery Signals are a 5-piece from Wisconsin. They formed in 2002 from the scraps of former band, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, and are well known for their heavy metalcore sound. The band recently toured Europe and the UK, and we sent our boy Jonny out to catch up with guitarist Stu Ross.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Live Review: Thrash And Burn Tour - May 15th 2009

The latest mega tour to hit the UK starts with a whole hearted dark and heavy affair. Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky burst onstage and turn Birmingham on its head. For a relatively unheard band to most of the people in the audience, the leave tonight with a lot more fans that the four who sing along with every word of their short but sweet set.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Live Review: Give It A Name Introduces - April 16th 2009

With the famous "Give It A Name" title suggesting wave after wave of emo, there's a surprising number of bulky, bearded metal heads gracing the O2 Academy 3 on this rainy evening, and it's quite obvious that they're not there to see perky Floridians, VersaEmerge. The young majority, however, are. As soon as Sierra Kusterbeck and her male band mates hit the stage, everyone's screaming, waving arms and dancing. And whilst Sierra's good looks and amazing stage presence alone are keeping the male fans staring straight at her, the girls in the audience don't seem nearly as interested until the set's nearly over and the boys take their shirts off. Aesthetics aside, VersaEmerge definitely know how to make the crowd happy, whether it be with unbelievably catchy songs, or with jokes about Walkers crisp flavours.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Live Review: Architects - January 24th 2009

It’s good that The Sugarmill staff decided to take the barrier down for the show, making a more intimate setting for one of the most anticipated tours this year! A Textbook Tragedy storm straight out with an incredible set that fills the room. They sound heavier and fuller than they did a week earlier at the Birmingham Academy. An awesome, heavy set from a band that are certainly ones to watch in the future!