Friday, 25 September 2009

MPM meets... Misery Signals - September 24th 2009

Misery Signals are a 5-piece from Wisconsin. They formed in 2002 from the scraps of former band, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, and are well known for their heavy metalcore sound. The band recently toured Europe and the UK, and we sent our boy Jonny out to catch up with guitarist Stu Ross.

How does it feel to be back in the UK on a headline tour, after supporting Architects in January?
Stu: We’re only a few shows in but you can already tell that the January tour has been beneficial, with kids checking us out and it's definitely been a positive factor for this tour.
Do you notice a difference between UK and Mainland Europe shows?
Stu: Europe has always been slow moving, it seems to get better every time we go but it's not a huge jump. The UK has always been pretty decent, from the first time we came here, but the shows are still getting better. It’s a lot more noticeable here than it is in Europe.
The tour has a varied style of bands - how does the variation go down with fans?
Stu: It's going well, I mean, The Number 12 Looks Like You are over here for the first time and it seems that people are being pretty receptive to them, but at the same time they’ve been a band for a long time, and they do have people over here who have been waiting to see them. Obviously, they’re pretty eclectic but at the same time they are such competent musicians and they write cool music and we think that appeals to the people who like the more technical aspect of Misery Signals. And Your Demise are a heavy, mosh hardcore band, and we have elements of that in our music too, so its cool, it works out.
What are your recording plans, and will we see a new Misery Signals record soon?
Stu: I wouldn’t say soon. After this tour, we go back to Milwaukee and take some time off until the New Year. We’ve been on tour most of the year, so we want to take some time to step back. We aren’t necessarily concerned about blowing up or getting huge, and it doesn’t feel like there is a rush to put out another record, which was our attitude with the past records. Each time we did a record we thought “Oh, this could be the one that could make us sky rocket” but I think we’ve become comfortable in the fact that we do have an organic fan base and there is no rush to produce music that we aren’t 100% happy with. But yeah, we’ll probably record in spring of next year.
Are there ideas put in motion for what you want to do with the new album?
Stu: Yes and no, I mean, I’ve got a few demo songs that I’ve done on my own with programmed drums, but none of that is going to be the same once we start working on it, just because Brandon brings a different element to the writing. I will write something straight forward and he comes in and comes up with something completely different. But I have a bunch of starting points, and I’m sure Ryan does too. I’m more into mapping out a whole song, and then we will just change it but the original idea is there.
So after this tour, what are the band's plans?
Stu: This is it, we did the US in May with Protest The Hero and Canada with Architects. So this is the final leg!

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