Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Live Review: Enter Shikari - October 13th 2009

The Devil Wears Prada bounce onto the stage tonight. A youthful band full of energy making only their second appearance on UK soil. Judging by the number of fans sporting tee shirts, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this is only their second time, or the fact that they were even a support band! Mainly playing material from their latest release, 'With Roots and Branches Below', their huge breakdowns and soaring vocal melodies give the fans just what they want. Front man Mike bounding around the stage like a Tasmanian devil not standing still for a moment. Older songs such as Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over still get fan approval even though played at the beginning of the set, which seems odd as it is one of their best none songs. The crowd knows the songs, old and new, and with a reception like this, Enter Shikari have a lot to live up to!

Enter Shikari are one of few heavier British bands who have made it into the main stream airplay of BBC Radio One. The set is dominated by material from second album 'Common Dreads' occasionally playing songs from first release 'Take to the Skies'. It’s a shame that songs such as Anything Can Happen in The Next Half Hour and Ok, Time for Plan B are scrapped from their set, in way of new material, but music and bands evolve and move on. The onstage banter is still good and keeps the crowd entertained between songs, and the band still jump and run around the stage like maniacs. The only thing that lets them down in the lack of material for die hard fans, let down by the choice to end the set with Juggernauts rather than Ok, Time for Plan B.

by Jonny Almond 

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