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MPM meets... All Time Low - October 2nd 2009

Here at Moshpit Magazine, we really can't get enough of All Time Low. The band has recently released their brand new album, 'Nothing Personal', and are touring the UK with The Audition and The Friday Night Boys. Since we thought Alex Gaskarth was such a charmer when we interviewed him in May 2008, we figured he's probably got so many more exciting things to say this Autumn. We caught up with him in the new O2 Academy in Birmingham, before he faced a crowd of around 3000 people, to see how he's feeling.

How does the UK compare to the US, in terms of live shows etc.?
Alex: I would say that going overseas is a treat because people overseas don't get as many shows. In the US, I think people are more spoiled. People come to shows and then decide that they aren't having a good time, and they'll stand there and heckle the band they're watching. I've seen it happen so many times, and it's just like, "Why are you here?". You never get that here. Everybody's just so excited to be there.
What's the difference in response to the album been in the UK and US?
Alex: So far so good. It only recently came out over here in Europe, so it's hard to gauge how well it's gonna do. Right now though, it seems like it's amazing, Radio One's picked us up over here, it's really helping us out. The shows have doubled in size since our last time here. We debuted in...the Netherlands at like, number 7? Like, places that we never would've expected to have a big debut, our record started debuting in the top 20.
If you were in charge of Warped Tour, who would your headlining act be and why?
Alex: Jimmy Eat World. They're my favourite.
If you could be in any other band, who would it be?
Alex: Man, that's a tough question. Probably...Foo Fighters.
Is there a song you wish you'd written first?
Alex: Ah, dude, so many. To name one, I guess, The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.
Do you have a favourite place to play in the UK?
Alex: Yeah! Birmingham.

You're just saying that.
Alex: I am. Every time we come here, we play different venues, so it's kinda hard to pick a specific one because we've only played anywhere once, really. I have a feeling that today's going to be amazing. This place is new, it sounds awesome, and it's pretty much sold out, so it's very cool.
What about in the whole world? What's your favourite place to play?
Alex: I always like playing at home. Hometown shows for us are awesome. I really enjoy playing in Tokyo. Tokyo's cool.
Who takes the longest to get ready for a show?
Alex: Probably me. I don't know how long it takes me to get ready, but I know I'm the one that always that they're dragging out the dressing room like, "Come on!".
Are there any other covers you'd like to do?
Alex: I would love to do a Queen cover. Like, Bohemian Rhapsody or something. But it's so hard. We might try it one day when we've got the time to figure it out, it's a lot of pressure. You can't half-ass that. If you're gonna do it, it has to be awesome.
Who do you aspire to as musicians?
Alex: I really look up to bands like Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World. Just, as a band, we really look up to Blink [182] and Green Day - the bands that kind of made this style of music a mainstream thing.
What's the band prank you've played on another band?
Alex: I dunno, our pranks kinda suck. We're not very good at it. We stole someone's van once. They were on stage, and we went out and took their van and parked it around the other side of the building. They thought their van had been stolen. They were terrified, and really freaking out for about an hour. And then we told them that we took it. It was Every Avenue. That was fun.
How do you balance being in a band and just being normal people?
Alex: It's hard because, obviously, we're all normal people. It's weird to balance because of what other people think of you. It's hard when you're out and about and if somebody that knows your band, or a few people that know your band, happen to see you and treat you like you're...not a human. That's when it's weird to balance. I'm just like, at the mall or at a restaurant with my friends or something, and someone comes up and it's like, "Why are you crying right now?". It freaks me out. I don't deal very well with that.
Why did you choose to work with more than one producer on 'Nothing Personal'?
Alex: We didn't want the record to sound too samey. We felt like 'So Wrong It's Right' was very one-sided. It was like, one sound through the whole record, whereas this time, we wanted it to have lots of variety. Some of it's a little more pop, some of it's a little more pop-punk, some of it's rock. We wanted the album to be like...there's something for everyone. That took a while for me to get to, but we wanted there to be something for everyone.
How do you respond to comments that 'Nothing Personal' has received in regards to your progress as a band?
Alex: For the most part, I've seen a lot of positives. It seems like this record was much better received than our last one. I'm really happy with it. I'm really happy with the way everybody's reacting to it. A lot of people are saying we're growing up and doing the right thing, taking the right steps, so I'm glad people like it.

Well, you would be, it's your record.
Alex: Well it's fun for us, we don't care. We're having a good time, we like the songs. The fact that people are responding positively is... I'd be a little bummed if everyone hated it.

How important was it to work with Matt Squire again after 'So Wrong It's Right'?
Alex: It was really important, I felt that it was absolutely key. The main reason we wanted to go back [to work with Matt] is, first of all, we love Matt, just as a dude. We're very good friends with him. He knows our band really, really well, as members and the way we write our songs, the way we work. And he kinda like, he knew where we needed to go from the last record - he knew the next step, more so than anyone else did, so he didn't push us to go too far in one direction. He helped us grow, but also reeled us in so we didn't get too...ahead of ourselves, I guess. But it was a really good fit.

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