Wednesday, 14 October 2009

MPM meets... The Devil Wears Prada - October 13th 2009

The Devil Wears Prada are a metalcore sextet from Ohio, formed in 2005. They're popular amongst boys and girls alike, and graced the line up of this year's Download Festival in Donnington. When we found out they were going to be touring with Enter Shikari this autumn, we couldn't help but catch up with vocalist Mike Hranica and find out the latest from TDWP HQ.

You’re back in the UK for a second time. How does this tour (with Enter Shikari) compare to the last tour with A Day To Remember?
Mike: We’re good friends with the guys in ADTR and we always love touring with them, but that tour was a year and a half ago and a lot has changed. We got the opportunity to do this tour, much bigger venues and crowds. So far we’ve had really good reactions, people knowing the words and singing along, really getting into the music. It’s been great.
Last time you were here you played the Download festival. How do you think Download differs from festivals in America, such as Warped Tour?
Mike: In the US a big festival for a band like us would be Bamboozle, more people attend Download and bigger bands play Download, such as KISS. Download was different for us because a festival like that in the US wouldn’t be for bands like us, I imagine it would be more nu-rock or nu-metal bands.
When can we expect a UK headline tour from TDWP?
Mike: Right after this tour is over we’re doing a headline Europe run and a headline show in London. This tour has been really good so far and it’s opened our eyes to the fact that maybe we should play here more often. I don’t think we’re ready to a big headliner in the UK yet, but we might be over early next year, not as a headliner, but we’re working on something.
How do you think the new album has gone down with your fans globally as well as in the UK?
Mike: In the US it’s been selling really well and it charted in the first week, which is awesome, but I don’t really know the numbers for anywhere but the US, so far we haven’t played any overseas shows since we put the record out, but so far its been great. I’m definitely happy people know the new stuff. We’re discontent with the old stuff and we knew we could write better stuff. I’m definitely happy that England knows the new songs, and I’m happy people know it and are receptive of it. There are good reviews and band reviews but on the most part it's been good. We got good reviews from Alt. Press and Absolute Punk which is a big deal for bands like us, so I’d say it’s been recognized pretty well.
Do you find a big difference in the reactions between crowds in Europe and the UK?
Mike: We’ve actually never played Europe, so this is our first time going to Europe. I hear Germany is pretty nuts. We have pretty low expectations in way of turn out and energy for the shows, but hopefully it will be good!
What does the future hold for TDWP?
Mike: We only get a week at home, and we do the “Napalm and Noise” tour, which is a co headliner between us and All That Remains. That’s a month long tour hitting smaller US cities. Go home for December and in February we go and work on Asia, and we’ve just confirmed that we will be playing Soundwave festival in Australia. Other that that we have expectations in the summer we can’t talk about yet and some ideas for right after Asia. I don’t know if we’re going to be doing Europe after that or late next year when we will be coming back. We’re also going to start writing and try to record by the end of the year.

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