Monday, 16 November 2009

Live Review: Emmure - November 15th 2009

The Eyes of a Traitor are boring. For one of the supposed gems in the British crown, they aren’t even close to being a diamond in the rough based on tonight’s showing. Standing totally still playing songs that they have been playing for at least a year, with no signs of new material. The banter between songs is forced and they shouldn’t really be surprised when the crowd doesn’t react to any part of their set apart from the shout outs to the bands that play after them.

After The Burial thankfully turn the show around. Their brilliantly crafted technical death metal revs the crowd up and gets a better reaction than a lot of bands on their UK tour debut. They may be the heaviest band on the bill, and would be better suited to a more technical line up in the future, but tonight, they play with passion and heart, and the crowd loves them.

Caliban are seasoned UK veterans by now, and they have a huge portion of the crowd following them tonight. Concentrating on material from their current new album 'Say Hello to Tragedy', they play ferociously and the stops between songs aren’t long enough for the crowd to breathe before behind sent back into the frenzy they were in. Metalcore can at times seem dated, but tonight Caliban prove there is vitality and energy in the genre yet!

Emmure are a different beast entirely. Sounding heavier and tighter than they do on record, they bring the Academy to its foundations. Playing songs from all three albums, material from previously criticized new album 'Felony' sounds as heavy and brilliant as the material that got them to the level of success they have today. The biggest cheer comes for When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong but tonight Emmure have proved the non-believers wrong and shown they are a force to be reckoned with.

by Jonny Almond 

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