Thursday, 3 December 2009

Live Review: Blessthefall - December 2nd 2009

Blessthefall are dead. That was the opinion of most when lead singer Craig Mabbitt left the band in 2007, during their first ever appearances in the UK. There are high expectations in the air for a band who were shot down just as they were first starting up. With a brand new start, a new lead singer and their new album 'Witness' which has launched them into the conscious mind of many new fans, its safe to say that tonight – this band have something to prove.

First up are Swedish metallers Marionette. Being somewhat of the odd band out on this tour doesn't stop them from making quite a good first impression, but if you looked into the audience you would think that they've just sacrificed a virgin on-stage in the name of Satan. Their unique mix of pounding metal beats, teamed with euphoric melodies serve them quite well, its just a shame that the majority of the audience just don't know what to make of them.

There is quite a lot of support in the crowd already for the second support act, Bury Tomorrow. They tear onto the stage with enormous enthusiasm, giving this crowd a dam good excuse to open a mosh pit, one which stays put throughout the duration of their set. Thirty seconds into their first song, you know this band mean business as they showcase new material from their latest album 'Portraits'. The reception from the crowd only adds fuel to the fire as Bury Tomorrow refuse to let up, not even for one second. As well as earning themselves a new legion of fans, BT have changed the atmosphere to one of great anticipation for what is coming next.

For some this gig has been a long time coming but as soon as Blessthefall launch themselves onto the stage, they waste no time in re-introducing themselves to the crowd. The introduction of 2.0 enables chaos to erupt as the mosh pit only gets wider and everyone is sprayed in the face by a very playful Beau Bokan, who remains unflagged throughout. However it is God Wears Gucci and oldie Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad that get the biggest reaction from the crowd. The commitment to put their hearts into every
 note of their songs is obvious, simply by the amount of sweat that comes pouring off of the stage. Every person in the crowd laps it up – although there are those at the back of the venue who feel like they're too “cool” to show any enthusiasm. However that is not what stands out from tonight's performance. There is a noticeable absence within the bands set list, as it only features a handful of new material from their latest album 'Witness'. You would think that Blessthefall would want to make more a statement that the band had progressed musically and had moved on, new singer in tow. Something which vocalist Beau was quick to comment on. “We'll definitely come back and play more stuff off the new record, watch out for that!” beams the front man.
We will certainly be waiting, sir.

by Lauren Turner

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