Wednesday, 2 December 2009

MPM meets... Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - December 1st 2009

Maylene and The Sons of Disaster were formed in 2004, fronted by ex-Underoath front man Dallas Taylor. After signing to Ferret Records in early 2006 and releasing their first full-length album a year later, it's been a fantastic slide into popularity, touring with bands such as Haste The Day, From Autumn To Ashes and even Underoath. So on the Birmingham leg of 2009's Taste of Chaos tour, also featuring metal giants In Flames and Killswitch Engage, Jonny caught up with guitarist Kelly Scott Nunn to find out what's been going on. 

How is the Taste of Chaos tour going for you so far?
Kelly: It’s been awesome, really different. We came here a couple of years ago, but this much more of a metal fan base and it’s cool for us to play to that sort of crowd and that fan base. We haven’t been to Europe on this tour yet, but there are so many metal heads over here and I guess it gives the fans a taste of something with a different flare.
How different is the crowd reaction to your music from the more metal fans?
Kelly: It's been weird, you have your kids out there who just want to go nuts and go crazy, and we try and play some of those songs but a lot of our songs have a more rock n roll feeling, especially the new album. Kids aren’t trying to punch each other in the face but they’re still enjoying themselves and having a good time.
Your music has a very southern edge to it, what sort of bands are you influenced by?
Kelly: When we were writing the third record, we listened to a lot of stuff with a seventies feel. The Allman Brothers, [Lynyrd] Skynyrd and bands like that. We went into the studio with twelve different song ideas, halved them, wrote 5 more, cut those in half and went like that. It was a long process. Then Step Up was brought to us when we first went into the studio, and we knew at that moment that’s what we wanted, that sorted of vibe. We’re excited at how well the record has been received.
Schuylar from He Is Legend is filling in on vocal duties for you on this tour, is that a permanent thing?
Kelly: No, just for this tour and the last tour we did. Dallas had some personal issues he had to take care of. This is our livelihood but obviously, our lives at home are the most important thing. This has been a great tour, great venues etc. And we wanted to come out to the tour intact, but Schuylar has been doing a great job.
When Dallas comes back will you be going into the studio?
Kelly: We get off this tour at the end of December and after the holiday break etc, we’re going to meet up and try and record three new singles to keep the ball rolling.
What does the future hold in the New Year and beyond?
Kelly: I know we are trying to organize a few tours; Atreyu and Chimera have been brought up. Obviously, next year is wide open, and we would love to play warped tour again. But we’re just going to try and hit the ground running and keep the momentum we’ve built up.

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