Sunday, 13 December 2009

Live Review: Set Your Goals - December 12th 2009

Tonight starts with technical difficulties that almost end the night. When Fireworks kick into their first song, a fuse goes in one of the guitar heads. No one on the tour has thought to bring a spare head or a spare fuse for that matter! Once the problem is solved, by taking a fuse from the bass head and running the bass directly through the PA, tonight can continue. Fireworks shouldn’t be opening. Their response from the crowd is amazing and they seem to be better known than Broadway Calls. Playing songs from their EP and recent album release, they go down a storm with the fans.

Broadway Calls don’t have such luck. Playing to a crowd that is polite at best, standing still and clapping between songs, compared to the singing along and mic grabbing of the crowd for Fireworks. It does make you feel for them, but at the same time, it seemed inevitable that they wouldn’t compare to Fireworks.

Set Your Goals seem subdued tonight. Normally bouncing around the venue and jumping into the crowd, most of the set is spent standing still. This could be due to the really low ceilings at King Tut's. The only crowd interaction made is the ending to Echoes lasting little over 20 seconds, before the band go back to all being stood on the stage. It’s a shame as SYG are one of the most explosive live bands on the pop punk scene and have so much to offer in a live setting. Maybe first night tour jitters, or the venue got the better of them. The crowd loves them no matter what they do, with songs from new album 'This Will Be The Death Of Us' sounding huge, but it would have been nicer to see them with a little more energy.

by Jonny Almond

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