Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Live Review: Taste of Chaos 2009 - December 1st 2009

Maylene & the Sons of Disaster kick off the annual Taste of Chaos tour in fine fashion. Their southern rock influenced metal is the perfect way to kick start any night and tonight they really get the party started. Stand in front man Schuylar Croom (of He Is Legend) is the perfect fill in for regular vocalist Dallas Taylor. Slinking around the stage and dancing when not in front of the microphone, he gives the songs an extra retro feel, and you can imagine being in a small bar in the South of the States watching the band play their songs while a bar brawl breaks out! They play songs from all three of their albums, a smart move as a lot of the crowd seeing them tonight will have not had the privilege before. Based on tonight’s show, it won’t be long before Maylene are back in the UK playing to packed out venues like this.

Every Time I Die can’t do wrong on their worst of nights. Every song they play is guaranteed to have a mosh pit and there is no doubt that the UK crowds have missed them. Playing a set that mainly constitutes new album 'The New Junk Aesthetic' with a handful of hits from previous albums, it’s great to see so many people singing along for a band so low down on a bill. The band put there all into the show, full on energy and playing their instruments like it’s the last time they will ever play them. It’s been a long time since ETID came and did a headline UK tour; maybe it’s time they made this right.
In Flames have a completely different fan base to the two bands who played before them, but it’s been good to see there is no animosity between the different groups of people at tonight’s show, as has been seen in the past. In Flames seem to plod a long a bit tonight. Their music sounding dated and left at the turn of the millennium. Their between song banter is kept to a minimum and in general they don’t interact with the crowd well. The die hard fans will be happy with tonight, but I don’t think they have won anyone knew round.
Killswitch Engage prove that with fame doesn’t come maturity. Walking onstage to the Benny Hill theme song, all wearing matching tuxedo tee shirts, they storm straight into a set that proves why they are headlining this tour. As always the joker, Adam D (complete with cape) keeps the crowd entertained between songs, and should also have a part time career in stand up comedy. Tonight’s set isn’t all about laughs though, playing a strong set that does exactly what it says on the tin. Their anthems set the academy off into a frenzy and just prove they are worth the headline slot on such a big tour. 

by Jonny Almond

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