Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Live Review: Lamb of God - February 9th 2010

Due to unbelievable queuing times, Between The Buried and Me's set is missed, but from what can be heard outside, and from the unhappy sounds the punters are making, the fact that they didn't interact with the crowd and played a full set without breaks, doesn't go down well. From past experience BTBAM have always been a Marmite band, a case of love or hate.

August Burns Red
are on top form tonight, playing to one of their biggest audiences in the UK, they sound huge. Front man Jake is perfect for the evening, bounding around the stage with energy, setting a high mark for the rest of the front men to live up to. ABR leave to absolute admiration from the crowd, lets hope that they will be back over headlining similar sized venues soon.

Job For A Cowboy seem to take some time to warm up tonight, the first few songs seem to be played cautiously. The stage banter from Jonny Davy is good as ever though, actually taking time to talk to the crowd and reply to song requests shouted from the audience. Songs from their new album 'Ruination' and debut album 'Genesis', are received well by the crowd, but it is only when they play songs from debut EP 'Doom' that the crowd really gets in a frenzy. Knee Deep and Entombment of a Machine are as close to classics as possible in the deathcore genre, and they sound as vital played live tonight five years since the release of 'Doom' as they did when they first came out. When playing older songs, the band seem to be more at ease and comfortable, this could be due to the familiarity of these older songs or the fact that the crowd goes considerably crazy when they hear them. Overall though, JFAC sound amazing. Tight, heavy, brutal. A great live act who need to spend more time over in the UK.

Lamb Of God tonight seem bored. Little effort is put into the show, and they seem as if they're finding their feet again. This is all explained when front man Randy Blythe tells us that this is their first show of 2010. 5 weeks into the year and starting with a European tour may not be the brightest idea, and maybe a few warm up shows or practices could have helped. The set they play seems to go on forever, saying they "like to give the fans a little more for their money", but it lasts far too long. There are times when tunings seem out, and a few audible mistakes are made during solos and even a few times in riffs. Again, this is something a few smaller shows or practices would have ironed out, instead of going blindly into an Academy sized tour.

Overall, tonight is a victory for the support bands, August Burns Red and Job For A Cowboy proving that you don't have to headline to shine in the limelight.

by Jonathan Almond

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