Thursday, 11 March 2010

Live Review: A Day To Remember - March 10th 2010

Your Demise are the perfect band to kick off tonight’s show. Bounding onstage full of energy, they don’t let up for one second during their set, and as the ABC begins to fill up to capacity it is clear to see why they have become so popular suddenly. Front man Ed McRae is perfect in getting the crowd moving and really puts on a show. The band mainly play songs from current album 'Ignorance Never Dies', which shows Ed’s character as he didn’t even sing on the album. They play one new song, which excites their fan base here for what the future holds for Your Demise. Based on tonight’s performance they can only go from strength to strength.

Architects are one of the hardest touring bands in the UK, playing constantly worldwide since just before the release of 'Hollow Crown' in 2009. Their road hard attitude has tightened the band to being one of the smoothest onstage bands in the world. Sam Carters singing voice soars tonight, sounding as clear and melodic as it does on record. Architects have always been known for putting in an excellent performance, but tonight is one of their best. The crowd is at capacity and go suitably crazy. Towards the end of the set, Architects announced they are doing a UK headliner tour in October, no doubt most of tonight’s crowd will be in attendance.

Compared to Your Demise and Architects, A Day to Remember look tame. Their sugary pop-hardcore doesn’t compare to the harder sounds of their supports. They haven’t got any new material to bolster a set that they have toured already over in the UK at least twice and their energy levels seem low. Their fans still love them, but for a neutral party, they are not the exciting live band they are billed as. Downfall of Us All and The Plan to Bomb the Pan Handle receive the best crowd responses but overall tonight they don’t do enough to warrant their reputation as an exciting live band. Tonight the UK bands how the US superstars how its done.

by Jonathan Almond

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