Friday, 8 April 2011

MPM meets... Rise To Remain - April 7th 2011

Rise To Remain began their journey to metal stardom under the name Halide. They've performed on tours with bands such as Iron Maiden, Korn and Shadows Fall, and played slots at Download and Sonisphere festival. With bigger things seemingly headed their way, we thought it's about time we sat down for a chat with some of these guys. 

MPM meets... Funeral For A Friend - April 7th 2011

Funeral For A Friend are celebrating their ten-year anniversary this year. Forming from the ashes of January Thirst with numerous band-member changes over the years, Funeral For A Friend now boast a sturdy set-up and five fantastic studio albums. The latest album, 'Welcome Home Armageddon', was released just before they set off on a massive UK tour in March with Rise To Remain and Tiger Please, and you'd be mistaken if you thought the MPM crew wouldn't do everything in their power to get hold of these Welsh boyos.
Founder and editor Becky took a seat in the band's tour bus with a mildly frustrated Matt Davies-Kreye, casually dressed and deep in conversation.
(Matt Davies-Kreye did apologise, after this interview, for his tendency to ramble when he is asked a question!)