Saturday, 16 November 2013

MPM Meets...Cold Summer

Cold Summer have certainly been busy bees. With a strong DIY ethic, these boys from Wakefield have put their fingers in all the pies. This year saw them self-release their own album and support Funeral For A Friend live in their home town, and it's led us to the conclusion that there's nothing they can't do. I'd keep an eye on Cold Summer if I were you...

What inspired you to start making music?
Justin: For me personally, the interest in wanting to learn an instrument and play in a band came purely from listening to records and being focused in on the drums. When I was 18 I saved enough money for a drum kit and started to play, self taught, when a group of friends had that spark to start a band. The enthusiasm grew from there. Seven years down the line, after playing in several bands that had fallen apart, I formed this band with the intention of meeting like-minded people, and luckily we seem to have that. For me, honestly, [through] past frustrations of not reaching potential and complacency, I'm inspired to be working on music during most of my spare time, [and] that's exactly what lead to me starting this band.
Is there a meaning behind the name 'Cold Summer'?
Justin: Well I devised the name and a bit of a concept behind it , but I think importantly it's open to interpretation. In the lead up to starting the band, my mum had been ill, and during this time I was facing thoughts leaning towards existentialism. For me having [the band] allows for a constructive & creative outlet, despite having what I thought were 'cold' surroundings [with] the oxymoron of summer, for me just represented the best times of our life happening in summer, and the connotations [and] imagery associated with that.
What's been your best experience as a band so far?
Justin: We had such a good time in April playing a show with Funeral For A Friend. That kind of stood out for us as we played a great show and there was a lot of anticipation [about] playing to so many people. It was quite a positive experience, even though, yes, there were barriers and we were actually quite far away from the crowd [and] each other, it didn't feel like it at all during that half an hour. The whole night was really great as it had come off the back of a poor experience at a show in our hometown so just kind of felt like things evened themselves out. We really had fun, obviously, recording the album with Bob Cooper, but for me. as much as my enjoyment in the studio has peaked, it'll never beat playing the songs live.
Who would you love to tour with?
Justin: It's quite a tough question in terms of all four of us liking a common band. I'd say deftones! One band we've literally been breaking arms [and] legs to play a show with is Marmozets, so I'd say them as it would be quite a different experience seeing them every night, they are quite unpredictable. It would also challenge us a little bit as well, as despite moving around so much it doesn't come too much at the expense of them being tight live.
Who are your heroes?
Dan: I'm a big fan of Rise Against, in particular Tim's vocals [and] lyrics. Also, [as for] what got me into punk rock and playing music, I'd [say] Green Day, in particular Billie Joe Armstrong, as a huge influence. Outside of punk rock, I'm a big fan of hip hop, especially Eminem. Lyrically I'm inspired by his brutal honesty.
Justin: I'm also into some hip hop artists, and in terms of diversity, The Beastie Boys put out some great records that had me itching to experiment with music and learn to play drums. 
I’m a big fan of hard hitting rock drummers like Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Danny Carey (Tool), Josh Freese (The Vandals, A Perfect Circle). In terms of rhythm sections, I think our common ground lies in a deep rooted love for bands like Rage Against The Machine, Filter, Deftones, Tool, Quicksand, A Perfect Circle. That's not an exhaustive list but they're bands we all pretty much still listen to years down the line.
Personally, outside of music I'm inspired by films, kind of dark comedies like the stuff Wes Anderson and Sofia Copolla direct. I'm really a big fan of Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant, and his work certainly (hopefully not too obviously) influences the artwork [and] merch I produce for the band.
What does the future hold for Cold Summer?
Justin: Well as it happens, we've just started writing some new music that will form our next release. We've not got anything finished to show just yet, but we've had a bit of time to jam some new ideas out and see where we want to go with these new songs. We're also thick in the process of self booking a UK tour in February. It'll be the first tour we've done as a band and it's been overdue. The initial plan came about as we were meant to be going over to Europe, but that fell through with a booking agent, so we thought "Hey, why not just book a UK one in its place ourselves?". We've got about half of the dates booked so we'll have it to announce next month! I think three years down the line we'll still be making music. We'd just love the opportunity to tour and gig more prolifically as we've had some constraints that have prevented us from doing so.

You'll find Cold Summer's Facebook page here, and you can follow them on tumblr here!

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